How the Axiom Propeller will improve the handling of the vessel:

- Symmetrical blades proved to make a positive improvement to vessels' handling with stopping distances improved and equal thrust ahead and astern

- Reduces fuel usage by 5 to 8%

- Greater bollard pull

- Reduced cavitation, vibration and noise from 'singing'

- Vessels able to maintain faster average speeds

- Vast reduction in rudder and tiller vibration

- Available in two, three and four blade forms

- Suitable for most types of vessel - fast or slow, displacement or semi displacement

- Props are cast in the UK and manufactured specifically for individual vessel, engine and gearbox setup

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"The Axiom Propeller offers a unique advantage for the narrow boat and small craft market where manoeuverability is key. The DWS Axiom tested in the Emerson Cavitation Tunnel, Newcastle University added to this accolade with a dramatic increase in performance following a well executed design optimisation by Axiom Propellers. The design shows great promise and has the potential to dominate its designated market."

Dr. Roderick Sampson. Beng (Hons) Mres, PhD. Senior Naval Architect. Newcastle University.

Axiom Propeller's aim is to improve boat handling, safety and enjoyment through the use of a technologically advanced, reliable propeller.

The patented symmetrical blade design of the propeller is the product of more than 20 years research and development in marine propulsion resulting in a technologically advanced, reliable propeller, proven to produce significant fuel savings. The Axiom Propeller is manufactured using the highest quality materials to suit individual requirements and is available for all displacement vessels and propulsion systems.

The Axiom propeller is unique in its blade symmetry, giving equal thrust ahead and astern, never before achieved with marine propellers. This gives vastly improved performance compared to a typical screw propeller and provides immense benefit to yachts through a huge reduction in induced and axial rotation. Cavitation tunnel and open water testing have proved the Axiom propeller gives dramatically improved boat handling, especially useful for confined spaces such as marinas or busy harbours..













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